Tips and Resources to Help Occupational Therapists Navigate Telehealth Services

Virtual TheraputiKs

A Resource and Guide to Help Occupational Therapists Rise Above the Health Crisis!

  • Are you struggling with providing telehealth services to your clients?

  • Has the COVID-19 pandemic caused fear and uncertainty in the way you deliver services to your clients?

  • Are you looking for ways to provide safer and reliable services while adhering to the laws of social distancing while sheltering in place?

If so, this eBook has you covered.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has made its appearance our world as Occupational Therapists has been dramatically impacted. At this time, we can not treat our patients in the traditional manner.  

This is primarily due to the federal goverments NEW regulations on social distancing and sheltering in place laws. To navigate these uncertain times and deliver proper care and resources to our clients, as Occupational Therapists we must embrace change.

For this reason, the Virtual Therapeutiks eBook and Guide was created to help you navigate "telehealth services" and ensure that we can continue to provide safe and reliable services to our clients.

telehealth is the wave of the future... 

"Telemedicine will become the core methodology for healthcare delivery in the future." - Yuhun Wang, President of the American Telemedicine Association

"Home telehealth technology promises to be a critical component of providing quality care to the growing number of Americans who need long term services and support at home." - Caroline Brown, Anna Krauss, Phillip PeischThe National Law Journal


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